ISES Europe General Assembly

Hello, your initial interest in ISES Europe pleases me!


As a chapter of ISES North America,we are committed to establishing a European level of highest quality standards in organizing and running events.


Our goal is, the advancement of professionalism and partnership cooperation in the events industry. That’s what we stand for.


And this is what our European members, as well as more than 7,500 ISES members worldwide, stand for.


They are all experienced events experts, and representatives from significant, well known enterprises: equally balanced between clients from industry and organizations, agencies, and service enterprises.Like other organizations, we look for quantity in communication with our members, but our highest priority is quality.


The professional level of ISES members are executives and leading project managers. This makes a dialogue on an equal footing possible.


Exchanges of experience and networking build the focus of our regular ISES lounges, and prove to be of high value to our members.


You too will benefit from our group activities!


On this Website you will find all information about ISES Europe, learn more about our principles and convictions, ideas and goals.


At ISES Europe you are in the best company!


Convince yourself and enjoy our wide array of benefits while dealing with the best of the best in the Special Events Industry.

It’s our pleasure to welcome you to ISES Europe!


Sincerely yours,